Elegant Beach Estate - Villa Antigua - $1,495,000 USD

Villa Antigua

One of the most magnificent Costa Rican Villas nestled in its own private eco-jungle.

200 steps from the beach, this Costa Rica Beach Villa includes its own private pour pool next to a Gourmet style kitchen. Inside is a purely opulent enclave, that while secluded, is close to all the action and amenities of Jaco Beach - Costa Rica's popular beach destination that has all the modern conveniences expected from today's cosmopolitan cities.

This is truly one of the most beautiful Costa Rica Villas in Jaco Beach if not the country!

Centralized Seclusion

Situated behind a stone privacy wall the property is bounded by a charming creek with frequent appearances by Scarlet Macaws and white-faced monkeys around the estate. You are surrounded by your very own personal eco-jungle!

This Costa Rica Villa is close to all the Town's amenities which are within walking distance. Notably, the villa's location is also close to the main Pacific highway so that you can easily go north to San Jose or south to Manuel Antinio without having to go through the town.

Beautiful Construction

This is undoubtedly one of the Best Built Costa Rican Villas anywhere.

No cost was spared in the construction of this magnificent tropical retreat. Quality craftsmanship and stunning architecture ensure that breathtaking views start before you even look out of windows. The house is centered around a gorgeous green tile pool complete with running fountains and underwater lighting.

The architectural style is reminiscent of a Spanish estate villa, with its marble, stone and wrought iron throughout the mansion and gracing the entertainment areas. Professional interior design was utilized to complement the architecture for maximum impact and pleasure of the villa occupants.

Opulent Dining

Luxury & opulence pervade the central kitchen and living area spaces - no expense has been spared on the kitchen with its marble countertops, stainless steel appliances and all the latest culinary conveniences and accessories.

Above the kitchen is the Villa's main dining area which is expansive as it can accommodate your exceptional company and is the focal point for entertaining - the furniture and surrounding designer touches incorporate old world craftsmanship at its best with deep woods complemented by luxurious fabrics and colors.

Luxurious Living

There is no mistaking the Beauty and Comfort in the Living Room area of this Costa Rican villa which has interior designer decor, imported fabrics and unique furniture pieces.

You and your guests will immediately feel at home in this expansive living area with comfortable furniture and accent pieces.

Of course the latest technology is present with a Flat Screen TV, satellite feed and WIFI so that the Villa's inhabitants will never feel unconnected from the outside world.

Master Suite

When it comes time to retire the Master Bedroom beckons with its old world charm and luxury.

This is a step into a moment of time taking you back to retiring rooms of medieval European castles, yet with a light and airy feel with its balcony opening up unto the pool area.

Designed by a leading interior designer, the Master Bedroom has coordinated linens and fabrics suitable to its stately appearance.

Additional Bedrooms

There are two additional Guest Bedrooms, as opulently furnished as the Master Suite, with rich textures and complimenting decors so that guests will never feel any less within the resplendent luxury of this Costa Rican villa.

There is also a separate Maid's Quarters within this Costa Rican Villa so that the second floor bedroom area remains private and secluded.

Cultured Vanities

The wash basins, showers and vanity areas of this Costa Rica Villa have incredible designs with luxurious touches as would befit a Latin inspired manor, where wood and marble meet with grotto showers and all the latest amenities.

Nothing has been spared to make the whole experience of Villa Antigua memorable and impressive to its Owner and Guests alike.


6 bedrooms
5 1/2 baths
500 meters (5500 sq. ft) construction
1220 sq meter property (13,000+ sq ft)
Maid’s quarters with separate kitchen
Grand room and Games Room
Gourmet's kitchen
Large Loggia/Bonus Room
Huge 2 1/2 car garage

Construction Plans

Download the Construction Plano for Villa Antigua here.

Villa Antigua was built with materials of the highest quality and the result is pure tropical luxury. The magnificent workmanship and attention to detail is obvious at every turn and the space is appreciated more and more over time with the discovery of each well thought out idea. Villa Antigua is often called the "Best House in Jaco" by those familiar with the area. It is scheduled to be featured in upcoming design and architectural magazines such as Beach Home Magazine. A mere thirty-second walk takes you from the property to the beach and puts a final exclamation point on the list of features. Villa Antigua’s location on one of the best beaches in Costa Rica and its close proximity to Playa Samara Costa Rica (just look at a Tamarindo Costa Rica map) completes the unprecedented appeal of this one of a kind dream home.

All construction at Villa Antigua meets or exceeds current building codes. In Costa Rica, building codes have been getting tougher every year. Just do a search of the strict housing Costa Rica building codes to see for yourself. The difference in construction between new construction and construction even just five years ago can be significant. In an effort to minimize or eliminate the extreme wear and tear that beach living can cause we viewed and studied other Costa Rica mansions over an 8-month period in the design phase of Villa Antigua. We took pictures of Costa Rica beach homes and discovered that homes even just 100 feet further from the beach showed significantly less deterioration than beach front homes. Maintaining a safe distance from the water results in the home requiring much less maintenance as time goes by. In designing Villa Antigua, we wanted to ensure that the home’s owners would be able to simply enjoy the home rather than having to worry about continued maintenance, upkeep, replacement and/or repair of inadequate construction.

Arched windows/ doors

Design challenges and added costs did not prevent the designers/builders from employing arched doors and windows throughout. It was a necessary detail in accomplishing the designer’s vision of creating a true, authentic Antiguan/Mediterranean feel.

Gas stove

Although electric stoves are more common in Costa Rica, Villa Antigua’s kitchen is with top chefs’ top choice: GAS.

12” block walls

The majority of construction in Costa Rica is done with 8” concrete. Villa Antigua’s 12” block walls add both strength and visual impact. Raising the Villa 3.5 feet off of the ground eliminated any chance of flooding and created the added benefit of a Wow factor upon entry.

Large lot:

1256 sq. meters (13,400 sq. ft) The land of the Villa extends well beyond the river into the jungle. One idea was to design an arched walking bridge to the river island and install a garden and picnic area.

Secure from extreme neighbor construction

After extensive research of the neighboring areas, we were told that due to the small size of the access road to the rear of the Villa, high-rise condos were not an option in future land development. In addition, the lot extends so far into the jungle (and with ten meter river set backs) that any construction to the front would not only be difficult, but if it did happen to occur, it would not be visible.

Ocean viewing deck addition

Another idea is to design and build an ocean viewing deck, with spiral staircase.


  1. Glass/ iron doors and windows include three locking mechanisms:
  2. Digital locks with changeable codes eliminates the need for keys if desired.
  3. Key locks add another level of security
  4. Interior mechanical eyelets allow for security even with glass breakage. 
  5. 5 Security cameras provide 24 hour surveillance. Internet viewable access allows owners to log on and view the home at anytime from anywhere in the world. A 9-foot perimeter wall provides owner privacy and isolation from neighbors.


With the high levels of rain during the green season, Villa Antigua’s reliable roofing and oversized gutters provide worry-free living. An additional layer of rubberized coating was added to the aluminum sheeting beneath the clay roof tiles in order to guard against leakage.


An oversized garage provides for easy storage of two cars and other smaller vehicles like motorcycles, quads and/or athletic gear (surfboards, mountain bikes, etc.) There is ample room for the addition of more owner lock-offs or cabinets.


  • authentic Guatemalan roof tiles
  • hand painted flooring tiles throughout
  • acid washed kitchen floor
  • poured in place concrete acid stained countertops
  • designer appliances
  • oversized refrigerator
  • bamboo interior details to ceilings
  • brick details throughout
  • solid wood custom doors
  • recessed lighting
  • terraza/ interior fans
  • stone walls
  • owner lock-offs: The Villa can be locked off to act as a 2,3,4 or 5 bedroom
  • solar-activated landscape lights
  • oversized water heater
  • plasma TVs
  • high end audio/video system wired to upgrade at anytime
  • recessed speakers throughout



Frequently Asked Questions


Where exactly is the home located?

In the most desirable SouthBeach Jaco, 200 feet from the beach

How long does it take to get to the nearest international airport?

1 hour from San Jose Airport

When was the house last on the market?


Who designed your home?

The builder & local architect - needed to incorporate 'true' luxury as defined by CA

Was there a professional interior designer?


How big is the living room?

Grand room = living room plus kitchen into open entertainment space

Is there a maid's room?


What type of construction?

12" concrete block (not the standard 8"), escavated & backfilled 8 feet of soil, & built 4 feet above ground

Is there cable internet access in your area?


Is the owner of the property a person or a corporation?

Corporation- clean title, no liens

Has the home been featured in any architectural or real estate magazines?

Yes, in 'Beach Home Magazine'

What feature has the owner most enjoyed?

The ambiance

What are the top 10 favorite things that you will be missed about living in this home?

Top 10: the ambience, the quality, the true luxury, the location, the proximity to the beach, the jungle yard, the 'wow' factor

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